15th March, 2019



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The Concept

The International Quality Awards (IQA) have been instituted by Brands Impact to encourage Quality improvements in both manufacturing as well as service sectors in India. IQA may be bestowed upon Public and private undertakings, sectors and industries, service and commerce organisations, Government and Semi-Government departments, Trade and professional associations, Educational, Healthcare and Hospitality Establishments and even organisations and individual service providers and professionals. The IQA Award winners are adjudged to have made significant achievements in achieving customer satisfaction through their dedication to delivering quality products and/or services, comparable to their international counterparts. In short, IQA signifies that the quality that your brand stands for is comparable to international levels!

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The Need

Lack of consumer awareness and the ever crowded marketplace call for clear distinction between those who are dedicated to delivering quality to their customers and those who are only aiming at making profits at the expense of consumers. IQA aims to bring more transparency to the marketplace and identify quality players in any and all consumer products and services categories. Our aim is to promote the concept of delivering consumer satisfaction through quality products and services.

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The Creator

Brands Impact is one of India's top brand management firms that specialises in creating extraordinary brands out of ordinary businesses. Our comprehensive bouquet of services includes branding, creative design, web enablement, advertising, public relations, event management, online promotions, social media management and more.

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Nomination Categories

We are accepting nominations in the following categories. Please click on the category that applies to your business and fill up the nomination form accordingly. Apart from the broad evalution criteria mentioned for each category, Marketing Innovations, Brand Awareness, Brand Equity and Media Visibility will be taken into account to select the final winners.

Manufacturing & Retail

All manufacturers and traditional/online retailers are eligible. Evaluation Criteria:

Product Innovation, Features, Sustainability, Pricing, Environmental Impact, Consumer & Industry Feedback, Geographical Reach, After Sales Support & Services etc.


All educational and training institutions are eligible. Evaluation Criteria:

Infrastructure, Faculty, Placements, Number of Students, Annual Growth, Students & Alumni Feedback, Industry Feedback etc.

Health Care

All healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals & research institutions are eligible. Evaluation Criteria:

Experience, No. of surgeries or patients treated, Patients' Feedback, Industry Feedback, Infrastructure, Specilities/Treatments/Services offered etc.


All technology solutions & services providers are eligible. Evaluation Criteria:

Product/Service Innovation, Features, Marketability, Pricing, Consumer Feedback, Industry Feedback, Geographical Reach, After Sales Services & Support etc.

Travel, Hospitality & Real Estate

All travel, leisure & hospitality companies, hotels and restaurants, and real estate developers, projects & service providers are eligible. Evaluation Criteria:

Product/Service/Project Innovation, Features, Marketability, Pricing, Consumer Feedback, Industry Feedback, Geograpihcal Reach etc.

Individuals & Smes

All exemplary professionals, individuals and SMEs from diverse business and/or service backgrounds are eligible. Evaluation Criteria:

Educational Qualifications, Professional Skills, Personal and Professional Achievements, Societal Impact, Business Impact etc.